Monday, November 08, 2010

Turn, turn, turn...

Houston, we have spin-off. Lol.
My first installation of spinning equipment arrived while I was away Saturday. Came home to a happy package from Maine Woods Yarn & Fiber.

This included:
  • 2 drop spindles (high and low whirl)
  • 1oz undyed wool roving for practice
  • 4oz wool roving in Maine Autumn colorway
The spindles are both 12" long handcrafted maple (stained a rosewood color, with white accents on the whirls). Just checked with my scale; the top whirl is 1.6oz and the bottom whirl is 1.65oz.
I think the kit was a good deal and perfect for me because I got everything together in one handy package, plus no shipping charge. I may have been able to piece something together a little cheaper but I found this so much more convenient. I also like that it's all handcrafted, not mass produced products.

So of course, as soon as I got the car unloaded (returning from a weekend trip to a football game we shan't speak of in any detail :-P), I unpacked the laptop, reviewed the videos and other instructions I found online last week , and set about spinning the undyed roving with some success.
Thanks to Amazon's not-so-speedy (but right in my poor price range) Super Saving Shipping, my books are not scheduled to arrive until next week. But by the magical powers of the interwebz, I made do because I can't wait that long to get started! Lol ;-)

OH JOY! As I was writing this, my Knit Picks order arrived.
Further detail will hafta be put on pause for a moment while I go unpack the fiber-y goodness! ;-D

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