Friday, July 03, 2009

Well, after finishing the green short-sleeved raglan (which I need to find the pics of) very quickly, I started one in the same yarn but garnet & black stripes (Go Cocks!) and am attempting a v-neck and custom pattern. Started it at the end of last year but went on hiatus again once it warmed up. Pulled it out and finished the body a few weeks ago and started a sleeve. But again, it's just too warm to work on a sweater, really.

So, I started a yoga bag last week. It's the Om Yoga Mat Bag pattern from S'nB Nation. I've made this pattern twice before... once for my mom and once for a swap. Finally making one for myself. I'm enjoying working with the Cotton Ease *much* more than I did the Peaches & Cream.

Also, day before yesterday I started swatching a new yarn for the Lotus Blossim Tank (IK Summer 2006). Well, it started as a swatch but I got frustrated with the size of it and just started the darn thing. I think it'll work out just fine and if not, I'll just re-knit it. Won't take much longer than that huge swatch was taking.
I'm loving the lace pattern. Apparently I'm pretty into lace at the moment.
I've been drooling over this pattern for ages but unable to afford the yarn (SWTC Bamboo). It's so lovely but I just can't afford it yet. Had one in the stash I was going to try to sub but it wasn't working out quite right. Then Wednesday I went to Michael's to pick up some more Cotton Ease and noticed the new bamboo/rayon blend Spa varn by It's perfect. Perfect weight, perfect color, perfect price... now I can make the tank in part-bamboo for about half the price. If I like it, maybe I'll invest in the SWTC for a second one. My mom will undoubtably steal this one anyway. Lol.

Got a massage and adjustment for the first time in ages today. The new therapist commented on my forearms beign quite tense and the right side of my back. The arms are no doubt from the marathon knitting the past few days. Lol. The lopsided back issue is probably a combo of the knitting, my monsterous purse and messenger bag bookbag, my computer trackball, and driving a stick shift. I never noticed how much more stress/tension/work I put on my right side.

And now, I believe I shall go give my back a rest and lay down for a bit. I'm trying to resist knitting for a bit.

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