Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

I have been ridiculously sick for the past couple weeks. For some strange reason, I get sick every year at Thanksgiving... for a long as I can clearly remember. Well, I do remember one Thanksgiving when I wasn't sick. It was '02, I believe. I had a broken foot. :P

Sometimes when I get sick, I think it must be my body's way of telling em to slooooow doooown. I don't listen otherwise, so it temporarily incapacitates me. :P
I tend to need this sort of wake up call around this time of year, I guess.

It has also brought me back around to knitting. I started knitting just before Thanksgiving, three years ago. I guess that getting sick around Thanksgiving the years after is a reminder of hey, it's time to start knitting again. It gets so hot here, it's hard to keep up with much knitting in the summer.

So I've been tying up some loose ends... literally.

Finished my friend's Christmas present I started two years ago. I knit this hat almost all the way up in no time but once I started the decreases, I realized I'd forgotten to twist one of the cables. I thought it would bug me eternally and be obvious to others, namely the recipient, even though it's ridiculous to think anyone would notice in that dark brown yarn and without knowing anything about cables ore knitting in general.

Anyway, I had delusions of fixing it but if ally said screw it and finished the hat a couple weeks ago. It took all of about 15 min to finish... and about 20 min for me to find the damn mistake! Turns out it's even less obvious than I thought. I felt rather ridiculous, I must admit.

So here it is (click image to see larger):

You'll hafta excuse the sick face. :P

I'm very happy with it. Only took one ball of Moda Dea Washable Wool and I have a second one so I may make another. I love the look of braided cables. Unfortunately, I hate knitting them though. We'll see. It's a fairly quick knit anyway so it's not that bad. I will need to get a new 16" US5 circ though. I hate the Clover bamboo one I used here. Hate. That needle was way too sticky for this yarn.

I've found and finished or made progress on a number of other projects recently but those will hafta wait until later (they're mostly up on my Ravelry if you're interested though) because I have to go get ready for school. I'm really hoping I'm not going to get dropped from Macroeconomics for missing too many classes. Had numerous nightmares about that last night.

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